10 Best Color Combinations for Your Curtains

10 Best Color Combinations for Your Curtains

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Choosing curtains for your abode might seem like an easy task but can get tricky as you set your mind to the chaos of aesthetic interior designing. Curtains have their utility in terms of providing privacy, soundproofing, controlling temperature, ventilation, and sunlight. They are also meant to elevate the decor of your house as they enhance the character of every nook and corner of the house.

You can buy curtains across different premium fabrics, diverse colors, a wide range of prints & customizable accessories online at The Yellow Dwelling at attractive prices. In this blog, we will discuss the variety of color options available in the category of curtains at The Yellow Dwelling.

    1. Warm Neutrals

      Neutral colors work best in the case where your house interiors are already too crowded with colors, textures and designs. To mellow down and balance the decor, opt for warm neutral color curtains. They are the best & safest option that is widely preferred by homeowners.

    2. Cool Neutral

      If the vibe of your home decor is cool-toned with whites, greys, soft blues, and more, we recommend you opt for cool neutral color curtains for your home. There is little fuss involved in the selection of cool neutral color curtains as they offer a minimal yet elegant look to the interiors.

    3. Shades of Blue

      Another safe option in the category of curtains is shades of blue. The best options for you are Indigo & Royal Blue color curtains. These colors are versatile as they can go well with different themes of interiors & can be mixed and matched with diverse prints & solid color curtains.

    4. Sage Green

      Sage Green curtains fall in the category of pastel color curtains. This shade is an especially muted shade of green that adds serenity to your space.

    5. Teal blue

      Teal blue is a happy shade that will bring joy to your space with its gentle feel & luxurious appearance.

    6. Yellow

      Yellow color is always a great choice for home decor when you want to add a major pop of color to your space. Bring a slice of sunshine into your home with classy yellow color curtains.

    7. White

      The white color never goes out of style. You can pick white curtains as solid curtains or with smaller prints. This helps in making your space look more airy. White color curtains make for a breezy choice, making your interiors look elegant & rich.

    8. Pinks & Lavender

      Pink or shades of lavender are a beautiful choice of colors, adding an edge of femininity and spring to your interiors. For a whimsical feel, adorn your homes with pink and lavender color curtains.

    9. Red/ Orange

      Orange and red shades like rust, dusty orange, and terracotta are a great choice for a boho and cheerful home.

    10. Pastel Shades

      Pastel shades like mint, and power blue are very popular choices that make your space look soft and welcoming.

    Select from a wide range of curtain options at The Yellow Dwelling at the best prices and facelift your home decor with appealing aesthetics.

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