What are Linen Curtains?

What are Linen Curtains?

Linen curtains are growing in fashion as the industry trends are shifting towards being sustainable & environment friendly. You can buy linen curtains online at The Yellow Dwelling at great prices. We offer a wide variety of linen curtains in terms of colors & prints. You can get free shipping on orders above Rs.999. We deliver all orders within 48-72 hours of ordering online. Get 7 days of easy return & exchange on all orders. For any additional query, you can use our customer caste service at 9606246004. Our linen curtains are made with OEKO Tex-certified 100% safe colors. These fabrics are pre-washed & shrinkage-controlled.

Let’s Understand What Linen Curtains Are:

Linen curtains are made with natural fabric that is linen. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. The fabric is durable and strong, making it a great choice in terms of sustainability. It is also bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly, thus being ideal for climate consciousness. Not only does it help in regulating the amount of sunlight entering the room, but it also regulates room temperatures & absorbs moisture in the atmosphere. Linen curtains are the perfect choice for the summer season.

Benefits of Linen Curtains:

The breathable fabric of linen curtains allows adequate ventilation. The linen curtains provide an earthy touch to the home decor owing to their textured feel. This gives the linen curtains an elegant look that is apt if you are looking for minimal aesthetics. Choosing linen curtains is a climate-friendly & environment-friendly choice as they are made of natural fibers. They are dirt-repellent so you be assured that the occasion outside dirt doesn't settle on your curtains.

You can opt for curtains made from pure linen, light linen, or sheer linen. Pure linen is 100% linen that is highly durable and strong. At The Yellow Dwelling, you can buy light linen curtains that are made of cotton & linen blend. You can even get sheer curtains that are translucent in texture. Sheer curtains are a great option as they allows a good amount of sunlight inside for increased ventilation in the room. Buy sheer curtains online from The Yellow Dwelling.

Custom-Made Linen Curtains:

At The Yellow Dwelling, you can get linen curtains customized as per your needs. You have the option of customisation in terms of the length of the curtains, header styles, light block lining, and accessories. Choose linen curtains in dimensions of door size (7.5 ft x 5 ft), long door size (9 ft x 5 ft), and window size (5.5 ft x 5 ft). Besides, you can get the measurements of the linen curtains customised according to the specific requirements of your spaces.

Buy linen curtains online at amazing prices at The Yellow Dwelling for elevated interiors with the best shopping experience.