The Yellow Dwelling’s humble journey began a few years ago with the founders personal search for quality home furnishings that were unique, tasteful yet affordable. The retail journey began in 2018 when the brand opened its first retail store, a tiny 300 sq ft on Hennur Road.

Today the brand has eight retail stores spread across 6 cities - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Gurgaon, Pune and Chennai. The dream is big, to have a Yellow Dwelling brand store in each and every city and town of India by 2026. You can read more about the brand, its journey and founders here. (Link About us page)

If you would like to be our franchise partner and join us on this journey, fill in the contact details below !

Who can become a franchise partner?

Anyone who has the passion to start and run a business and has the resources.  The potential franchise partner has to identify and secure a place in a good market place with 400 to 750 Sq. ft of carpet area. Financial investment of Rs. 18 to 30 Lakhs is required to set up the store. Franchise partners also play a key role in ensuring the standards of the brand are maintained, the brand is promoted in the local market and offer the best service to the customer.

How does the brand help?

The Yellow Dwelling team will help the franchise with the entire process. The brand team will help in identifying the location, rental agreements, layout of the store, setting up the interiors of the store as per brand guidelines. Manpower training and systems will be provided by the brand. The stock to be kept and sold at the store will be provided by the company.

responsibilities of the franchisee

We have two formats of Franchise - FOFO (Franchise owned and Franchise operated) and FOCO (Franchise owned and company operated)

Responsibilities under FOFO

  1. Investment for setting up of the store
  2. Day to day operations of the store
  3. Hiring and retaining manpower
  4. Managing operational expenses like rent, salaries, electricity etc 
  5. Handle customer as per brand guidelines
  6. Custodian of the stock
  7. Promotion of the brand in the local market (With assistance from the brand)

Responsibilities under FOCO

  1. Investment for setting up of the store
  2. Brand handles all the day to day operations of the store


General Questions

A new store takes about 4-6 months to operationally profitable and depending on the size and area, it takes anywhere from 24 to 36 months to financial breakeven.

Not necessarily. Any individual can start a store and GST is not required until a certain volume is achieved by the store. Post which, GST registration for a franchise partner will be essential.

FOFO - There is an agreed commission on the monthly sales for the franchise partner depending on the calculations like total investment, rentals etc.

FOCO, there is either a percentage of investment calculated annually and equally divided for payouts on monthly basis or percentage of monthly revenue whichever is higher.

Service related

A Franchise agreement is done for a 5 year period initially with a lock in period of 24 months minimum. The agreement is renewed 3 months before the expiry of the old agreement if both parties decide to continue the agreement. Our typical ROI is about 29 - 32 %

No, The stocks at the stores are owned by us and we collect a security deposit of INR 5,00,000 towards the stock.

Yes for FOFO stores and the same has been inbuilt in the total margins for the store and the brand also shares 50% on all marketing spends done for the store.


Apart from the initial setup assistance, the brand will handhold the store on a day to day basis through weekly training sessions, Targets and Incentives for store staff and Standard SOP sheets for the partner to follow up.