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Spear 100% cotton geometric sheer curtain for living room - Light filtering - Black - Single - Pack of 1 Spear 100% cotton geometric sheer curtain for living room - Light filtering - Black - Single - Pack of 1

Curtains- Decor that Elevate any Space

Curtains are the basic essential for any space. They have numerous utilities and can be played with to create a unique decor theme for your needs. Curtains are used to cover windows to take a break from sunlight during the day and give privacy at night. They are also useful in controlling sounds and temperatures in the room. Buy readymade or custom-made curtains online to adorn your home furnishings. 

As a major part of the room or house decor, curtains are the foremost pieces to be picked. They form an important part of house decor. You can buy online different styles of curtains and blinds as per your preference. Choose from different fabrics, textures, prints, and colors to go with the themes of your room decor. 

One can personalize the choice of curtains according to the requirement of the space, room themes, rooms for adult or children rooms, office spaces, and living rooms, among others. You can buy different blinds or shades, and door or window curtains online in classic colors, floral prints, bright hues, color combinations, and textured material.

You must keep certain pointers in mind before buying curtains online. 

  1. Determine the space you want the curtains for. 
  2. Keep Measurements ready for the windows and doors you want the custom-made curtains for. 
  3. Types of installations like rods and hooks should be taken care of.
  4. Themes and Design preferences for the space should be duly noted to suit the decor of the concerned space. It is here that you get to play with the colors, prints, fabrics, and textures of the draperies.
  5. You need to decide the amount of sunlight you want in the room. You can then choose from traditional, blackout, or sheer curtains. 
  6. One also needs to decide between wet or clean drying curtains, as one’s convenience allows. 

To lighten your workload, you can find a brief guide to choosing from different curtain types to buy door curtains, window curtains, blinds, and shades online. 

  1. Cotton Curtains
    Subtle colors in cotton provide an ideal option if you want a simple yet cozy aesthetic for your space. These curtains are non-transparent and can block up to 50% sunlight. Buy them online at great prices.

  2. Sheer Curtains
    These are available in neutral colors to allow maximum sunlight in the room. Sheer curtains provide a classy and minimal feel to any space. 
  3. Combos Curtains
    One can also pick and choose different designs, colors, or textures to create a contrasting curtain set for a room that can carry the boldness of a combination of designs. 
  4. Solid Colored Curtains

For a fuss-free home furnishing option, go for matching or contrasting solid colors. This will provide you with all the basic utilities of a curtain while still elevating the decor.

  1. Printed Curtains
    Here is where you can play with designs and prints. Choose florals, motifs, and artistic designs that speak to your unique style. Go for earthy colors for the base with bold prints to instantly amp up any space.

  2. Linens Curtains
    Linens are known for their minimalist feel and look. If you want to keep the decor sophisticated, then buy linen curtains online at reasonable prices. 

Buy designer curtains online to give an aesthetic makeover to your house and workspace with the best ready-made and custom-made curtain furnishings. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Curtains Online: Answering Key Questions

Choosing the perfectcurtains for your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. With countlessoptions available online, it's essential to consider several factors before makinga purchase. In this comprehensive guide, we'll address common questions to helpyou make informed decisions when buying curtains online.

  • Opt for curtains that extend beyond the window frame to create an illusion of height and elegance.
  • Standard curtain lengths range from floor-length (covering the entire window) to sill-length (ending at the windowsill).
  • Recommended length is floor length, even though you are buying curtains for window, as they complete the space and create an illusion of large window.
  • Door curtains typically range from 84 to 96 inches in length, while window curtains range from 60 to 72 inches. Our Standard door curtains measure 90” or 7.5 ft in length and window curtains measure 66” of 5.5 ft in length
  • Standard widths for curtains range between 48 to 60”. We offer the maximum width at 60” or 5 ft. This offers more gathering to your curtain and hence giving it a fuller and grand look.
  • Choose curtains that complement the décor style of your living room.
  • Opt for light and airy fabrics like linen or sheer curtains to enhance natural light and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Pick a color that is already existing in your space and pick curtains in the same color
  • If you have a lot of design element happening in your living room, then opt for neutral color curtains like grey curtains, white curtains, brown curtains and beige curtains
  • Prioritize privacy and light control in the bedroom by selecting blackout or room-darkening curtains.
  • Consider slightly dark color curtains as they have more room darkening effect like sage green, brick red, rust, grey
  • Consider picking room darkening curtains along with light filtering sheers for privacy and light control
  • Select curtain fabrics based on your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
  • Popular choices include cotton, linen, silk, and velvet, each offering unique textures and characteristics.
  • Highly recommend opting for natural material fabrics like cotton and linen curtains as they are environment friendly and reduce the risk of micro-plastics in your home
  • Light blocking refers to a curtain's ability to prevent or reduce sunlight from entering a room. Curtains are categorized into light filtering, room darkening, and blackout curtains, offering varying levels of light control to suit different needs. 
  • Light filtering curtains – Sheer curtains are translucent curtains that offer privacy at the same time filter light into your room. Ideal for rooms that receive less light and need privacy
  • Room Darkening curtains – Curtains that offer about 50 to 70% light block are called room darkening curtains. They are ideal for bedroom or living room that receive a lot of light.
  • Blackout or Blockout curtains – Curtains that completely cut out light is called Blackout or blockout curtains. This is ideal for home theatres or entertainment room and bedroom that receive direct sunlight.
  • Neutral tones like white, beige, and gray are versatile and timeless choices for curtains.
  • Bold colors and patterns like blue, yellow, rust, green, aqua, can add personality and accentuate the décor of your space.
  • Pastel colors like sage, terracotta, pink, peach, light greens and blues add a subtle elegance to your room
  • Consider the overall aesthetic of your room when selecting curtain designs.
  • Options include rod pocket, grommet, pinch pleat, and tab top designs, each offering unique visual appeal and functionality.
  • We explore more about curtain designs in this article. Read more.
  • Blinds are hard window coverings made of slats or vanes that can be tilted or raised, while curtains are fabric panels that hang vertically from a rod. Blinds are ideal for small windows, smaller spaces and staircases.
  • Curtains are ideal for large living room, French windows, dinning, balcony doors.

Curtains are typically lightweight and decorative, while drapes are heavier and provide more insulation and light control. Most of the time curtains and drapes are interchangeably used.

  • Sheer curtains are translucent and lightweight, allowing diffused light to enter the room while providing minimal privacy. They are also called light filtering curtains or translucent curtains. They offer about 20 to 25% light block.
  • Regular curtains are made of opaque or semi-opaque fabrics and offer varying levels of privacy and light control. They offer about 50 to 70% light block, having room darkening properties.

Conclusion: By addressing thesekey questions, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to make theperfect curtain selections for your home. Whether you're seeking functionality,style, or both, online shopping for curtains has never been easier. Happy decorating!