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Ice Blue Gingham Cushion Cover Ice Blue Gingham Cushion Cover
Ice Blue Gingham Cushion Cover
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Solid Cotton Cushion Cover - Brick Red
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Cushion Covers- Exude Coziness with Designer Cushion Covers

Cushions are an integral part of home furnishings. They are used in all kinds of spaces, be it living room sofas, bedrooms, study rooms, or even workplaces. They add a factor of comfort and coziness to lounge around in peace. Increasingly, as the vitality of home decor grows and aesthetics becomes important, the utility of cushions is being enhanced. They are also being used as a great tool for decorating spaces to communicate one’s personal style. 

Cushion covers are used as interchangeable instruments to keep playing with the looks of your cushions and keep experimenting with the decor themes. You can buy cushion covers online easily at great prices. One can choose from diverse prints, fabrics, colors, and themes to suit your needs.

There are multiple ways to style your cushion covers and match them with the sofa sets, the room decor, and curtains, to gel well with the overall decor of the spaces. You can pick from geometric prints, motifs, and solid color combos, experiment with different shapes and sizes of the cushion, and choose earthy materials and fabrics.  

If you are looking to understand different types of cushion covers, here is a brief guide for you:

  1. By Shape: You can buy online cushion covers in different shapes and sizes to play with the decor of your home. They are available in shapes like square, rectangle, and cylinder. Mixing and matching these shapes can provide an x-factor to your living spaces.
  2. By Fabrics and Materials: Buy cushion covers online in fabrics like cotton and linen which are the most widely used. They make for a great fabric in summer. You can also buy polyester and nylon-based cushion covers, faux leather, faux fur, woolen, suede, and velvet, among others. 
  3. By Patterns and Designs: You are spoilt for options when it comes to choosing the designs for cushion covers. Buy cushion covers online from a range of designs like embroidered, solid colors, floral prints, motifs, geometric prints, abstract designs, textured, bohemian styles, ethnic and traditional patterns, etc.
  4. By Utility: Cushions have a variety in terms of usage as well. They are deployed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, study rooms, or anywhere where chairs and lounging areas are found. Then there are larger floor cushions, laid on the floor, used for bigger gatherings, or to simply lounge on the floor. The most common ones are chair cushions used as back support chair pads. Others include throw cushions, outdoor cushions, and cylindrical cushions. Buy cushion covers online for all or any of these cushion categories at great prices.

Play with cushion cover designs and prints to rock your lounging spaces. Buy cushion covers online with tassels for a boho look, look for geometric cushion covers for a sophisticated addition to achieve minimalism in the home decor. 

Choose from theme-based combination sets of cushion covers to add much-needed quirk to your spaces. Pick neutral tones for a fuss-free option. Give a burst of color to your living spaces by opting for a pop of bright color with plain sofas. Buy cushion covers online to suit all your home furnishing requirements.