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Solid aqua blue 100% cotton plain cushion cover for sofa Solid aqua blue 100% cotton plain cushion cover for sofa
Solid chocolate brown 100% cotton plain cushion cover for sofa Solid chocolate brown 100% cotton plain cushion cover for sofa
Solid orange 100% cotton plain cushion cover for sofa Solid orange 100% cotton plain cushion cover for sofa

Solid Cushion Covers- Combine with Prints for a Complete Look

Cushion covers are used to elevate house spaces with decorative styling to enhance the interior design. Cushions are placed in spaces for lounging like sofas in living rooms or bedrooms, chairs in balconies or kitchens, and any other space to relax and chill in a corner. Cushion cover designs help to add an oomph factor to any space with added character and color to the space. While cushion covers come in a variety of designs and fabrics, solid cushion covers are available in simple plain colors in cotton and linen or their blended version. 

You can buy solid cushion covers online to use as they are or combine them with printed cushion covers to make a complete set out of different cushion design covers. These cushion covers are available in ten sizes ranging from 12 inches to 30 inches. They come with a zipper that is concealed or a neat presentation. They are available in pure cotton, pure linen, and cotton and linen blend. While cotton fabric has its own benefits, linen fabric is known to be highly breathable, and hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin. They are also available in plain solid colors, solid colors with wooden buttons in linen fabric, and a quilted design as well. 

One can buy solid-colored cushion covers in all the different color schemes, ranging from plain white, and beige to bright red and yellow, among others. There can be multiple ways of styling solid-colored cushion covers. They are highly versatile. They can be paired with printed cushion covers, or textured cushion covers, among others. One can also play with textures in solid colors. Cotton fabric has a smoother texture than linen fabric. Linen lends a more earthy feel to the texture of the cushion cover. A quilted cushion cover is a different kind of texture, made in multiple layers to give a padded feel with enhanced comfort. 

Solid cushion covers can be picked individually when the decorating spaces are too boldly designed in themselves. For instance, if the sofas are printed, the walls have bold wallpapers, and rooms are colored in bright colors, then subtle, mellowed-down solid-colored cushion covers work the best. Also, if your taste is minimal, then these plain cushion covers in various colors, are an ideal pick for you. 

The solid cushion covers are best paired with printed cushion covers for a wholesome set of designs. For example, for a solid cushion cover in rust, pair it with the lotus blossom lumbar cushion, Stardust pale gold, and Lantern in Sage green embroidered cushion cover. Pair a sage green solid cushion cover with Spice Route cushion covers, Enchanted Taj cushion covers, and Elephant Grove cushion covers.

You can pair quilted cushion covers with Moroccan trellis, Kilim, Crown wreath, and Desert crop, among others. 

There are numerous options available at your disposal to buy solid cushion covers online. Style them according to your taste in different fabrics, and colors, along with different prints and designs, or individually, whichever way speaks the best to your liking. Buy solid cushion covers online at great prices and revamp your house decor.