Let’s Renovate Your Balcony Space

Let’s Renovate Your Balcony Space

Balconies are a space in the house that is a bridge to the outside world experienced within the warmth of our home. The extended open spaces can be made into a personal favorite corner with the help of a variety of home furnishings that elevate the entire look of your balcony. We, at The Yellow Dwelling, are here to assist you with our recommendations to renovate your balcony according to your preference with the given options in home decor. Buy home decor online or at our offline stores at great prices.

Before decorating the balcony, you may consider certain factors that determine the orientation of the entire space. Put a thought into understanding your own requirements with respect to the usage of the available space, incorporating greenery, adding furniture, creating storage space, and planning the decor.

According to your preference, you may want to transform your balcony into a space for casual lounging, a space for get-togethers, or simply, raising your own garden. Keeping these requirements in mind, you may add lounging chairs, swings, simple tables & chairs, and dining sets, among other things, to suit your individual requirements.

The Yellow Dwelling: Your Associate in Elevating Your Space

    1. Curtains that welcome you with optimism:

      Explore a huge variety of curtain collections at The Yellow Dwelling to instantly amp up the entrance to your balcony. The boundary between your room and balcony can be adorned with different kinds of curtains as per your style. We offer long door-sized curtains with dimensions of 9 ft x 5 ft, that can be apt for the balcony space. When you combine sheer curtains with your regular cotton and linen curtains for the balcony, you can increase the amount of sunlight that comes in, making your interiors feel adequately ventilated.

Check out different cotton, linen & sheer curtains in different colors, prints, and textures. You can find minimalistic designs in solid colors, apart from vibrant hues & bold prints. Set the vibe of your balcony by choosing the theme of the curtains.

    1. Add cushions to seating spaces for lounging in comfort:

      Balconies are meant to be a serene space where one usually comes to relax and be at peace. You may want to sit with yourself and gaze at the sky with your cup of coffee or chill with your friends over a game of UNO. To create such a comfortable space, it is imperative to add comfortable cushions to your balcony furniture.

      At The Yellow Dwelling, you will find cushion covers in all kinds of styles possible. Check out cushion covers in different shapes and designs like geometric, abstract, ethnic, stripes, polka dots, tasseled, and jute detailing, among others. You can also shop by utility such as floor cushions, throw cushions, and chair cushions, among others.

  1. Table & Diwan Linen:

    You would at least put up a table and a chair to lounge comfortably on your balcony at The Yellow Dwelling, we even provide you with elegant diwan and table linens in vibrant colors and prints that provide an edgy character to your balcony.


Besides, you can also experiment with the interior designs by adding a statement rug of your choice, classy planters for added greenery, and woven storage baskets for all the knick-knacks. The basics of beginning the styling of your balcony would be to decide upon an overall mood for the balcony, a color theme, and the range between minimalism and bold prints and patterns. Thereafter, you can sort the products from our collection and renovate your balcony from scratch to make it into a cozy personal space. Buy all kinds of sustainable home decor items online at The Yellow Dwelling at amazing prices.