Explore the Latest Home Decor Trends with The Yellow Dwelling

Explore the Latest Home Decor Trends with The Yellow Dwelling

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It is always exciting to plan your home decor as it is an expression of your style and your personal den where you are at ease with being yourself. To be able to make your space truly your personal abode, it can be a lot of fun to hop on the journey of designing your home interiors. At The Yellow Dwelling, we are here to help you with all your home furnishing needs, starting with glancing through some home decor trends for the year to come. Buy home decor online or at our offline stores at great prices.

Trends help us understand the general design themes and features of home decor that are in vogue during a given period. Some of the all-time favorite trends that remain evergreen could be theme-based decor, adding greenery to all the corners of the house, installing classic furniture, and adding wall-hangings, and wallpapers to elevate the aesthetics of boring walls, among others. As useful as these styles are, it is interesting to check out the new trends that are echoing in the corridors of home decor lately:

  1. Biophilic Design
    As the name suggests, a biophilic theme is a concept that incorporates nature-based themes into the interiors of the house. Bringing the aspects of nature into the house is always a good idea. You can dial the boldness of nature-themed designs up or down according to your style, by selecting the intensity of prints and boldness of colors of home decor items. Check out multiple designs at The Yellow Dwelling ranging from diverse floral prints, chic nature motifs and other minimal floral-based prints, among others.
  2. Brown Earthy Tones

    Brown interiors are not a discovery. However, they are hotly trending as people are gaining a liking towards minimalism, earthy textures, and tones. To accommodate your need to add browns across your house, check out The Yellow Dwelling’s collection of home decor items. Some available designs are Cabin Check cushion covers, Harvest linen minimal design customizable curtains, Calico 100% cotton customisable floral table cloth for dining, Mudline In English Mustard, Dew Sheer Set Of 4 Combo Cotton Curtain, among others.

  3. Monochrome

    If you want extremely simple aesthetics that require the least effort to put together, then black, white, and grey or as it is called monochrome is the most ideal pick for you. It is not a new design in the market. But it is simply so classic and timeless that it always runs in the list of trending themes. You can combine the these basic colors by combining different solid colored curtains in a set, or monochromatic prints in cushion covers or table and bedding linen. Find all of these and more at The Yellow Dwelling.

  4. Inter-Cultural Synthesis

    In a globalized world, we are always flooded around with the fusion of multi-cultural and multi-national art. To elevate the aesthetics of your home decor with edgy characters, you can combine diverse cultural prints and designs. At The Yellow Dwelling, you can find not only Indian ethnic prints but also European & Moroccan prints and designs.

  5. Stripes

    For channeling your simple and sorted nature, express your calmness and clarity with the trendy stripes incorporated into your home decor.

  6. All-White Aesthetic

    All-White aesthetics are the most trending designs with them becoming highly popular on social media. They exude classy minimalism when combined with greenery and sophisticated add-ons.

Pick home decor aesthetics from a wide range of timeless design options that are all set to elevate your house ambiance. Buy home decor online or at our offline stores at great prices.