Exude Sophistication: A Guide to Beautiful Home Decor from The Yellow Dwelling

Exude Sophistication: A Guide to Beautiful Home Decor from The Yellow Dwelling

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Home decor items include lots of categories that fulfill different home decor needs across different spaces in the house. Explore curtains, cushion covers, bedding linen, and dining linen, in solid colors, color combinations, ethnic and modern prints, bohemian prints, geometric prints, and prints that span the culture of different countries, nature-inspired prints, dahlia bold prints, trellis prints, among others.

Experiment with different lengths, fabrics, patterns, and colors in different combinations that are already curated and can even be customized according to your taste. Explore a range of designs, from classic minimal to bright and flamboyant colors and bold prints, all available under one roof at The Yellow Dwelling. Buy the best home decor at attractive prices in India online.

Experience an amazing shopping experience for all kinds of home decor from the comfort of your home. The home decor items at The Yellow Dwelling guarantee comfort, style, and reasonable prices with the additional services of customization and personalized customer service. Buy aesthetic home decor items online in India at great prices to renovate your house with the best interiors.

With such a great variety of home decor items, it can get flustering to pick and choose the ideal options. We present to you a specially curated styling guide for ease of shopping at your fingertips:

 Designing Curtains:

Monstera Green,Picket Fence Sage Green Sheer Set Of 4 Combo Cotton Curtain - Green

  • When picking curtains, it is imperative to consider the measurements of the spaces you want the curtains for.
  • Note down the length and breadth of windows and doors for which you want to pick the curtains.
  • Depending on your preference, choose from a sheer curtain, or an opaque cotton or linen curtain.
  • Choose from solid colors, color combinations, prints, and textures as per your taste.

 Designing Cushion Covers:

Free Spirit Printed Cotton Cushion Cover - Yellow

  • Cushion covers are available in different sizes to mix and match the cushion set for your spaces.
  • Choose from square, rectangle, cylinder shapes, and floor cushion covers.
  • Pick from natural fibres like cotton, jute, linen and finishing like tassles, pom poms, piping, embroidery and crochet.
  • Buy cushion covers online in different colors, embroideries, jute detailing, floral prints, and bohemian prints, among others.

 Designing Bedding Linen:

Moroccon Reversible Quilt - Blush

  • Bedding linen comprises different parts ranging from bed sheets, comforters, quilts, and so on.
  • When designing your bedroom interiors, it is important to keep your taste in mind as the bedroom is your place to relax. It should speak to your sense of style. Choose minimal prints and colors or bold and vibrant patterns and hues as per your style.
  • Choose from single or double-bed linen sets, and king and queen sizes. The set comes with 2 pillow covers.
  • You can also buy diwan set beddings that come in a set consisting of single bed sheets, 3 cushion covers, and 2 bolster covers.

 Designing Dining Linen:

Tartan Table Cloth - Red

  • You can buy dining linen online at great prices. Choose the base of the dining table that is the tablecloth first. Pick from different fabrics, prints, and colors to suit the interiors of your kitchen.
  • Post that, pick table runners, placemats and napkins separately matching or contrasting with the base table cloths.

The versatile designs make it baffling for one to design one’s interiors. Refer to the above guide as a blueprint when picking home decor items. Buy home decor online and become spoilt for choice. There are numerous ways of styling. Feel free to use your own sense of style when designing your home interiors. You can be sure to find all kinds of home decor at The Yellow Dwelling online at the best prices.