Explore a Home Decor Collection Ranging from Minimalism to Eclectic

Explore a Home Decor Collection Ranging from Minimalism to Eclectic

We, at The Yellow Dwelling, cater to all your home decor needs under one roof. With our premium customer service and personalized attention to ensure a convenient shopping experience for you, you are bound to come back to shop from us.

You can find a range of home decor products at The Yellow Dwelling, from cushion covers, and curtains, to bedding lining, and dining linen. You can buy home decor items online in different shapes, sizes, designs, and prints. They are mostly made with 100% all-natural cotton.

You can either buy stand-alone pieces of home decor or pick from already curated combo sets. You can buy home decor online at great prices. The set is available in a variety of shapes and sizes of cushion covers and bed and dining linen. When picking combo sets, you don't have to fuss too much about deciding on the decoration. Even the prices for combo sets are more attractive than stand alone pieces of home decor. Buy home decor furnishings online at reasonable prices from a long list of options.

Get your hands on the following guide to the variety of designs and patterns available at The Yellow Dwelling across products:

1. Nature-Themed

Explore a wide range of nature-themed prints. You can buy home decor items with prints of dahlia flowers in red, marigolds, meadows, South African pampas grass, hydrangea, dandelion, lavender, tulips, gingko leaves, ferns, dragonflies, roses and more. The nature themed designs make for a vibrant option, full of colors of Mother Earth. They also make for minimal and elegant looks that accentuate any space with ease.

 2. Cultural and Heritage Prints

Delve into a wide variety of heritage designs like Spice Route, French Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Gingham woven, Chintz embroidery, pomegranates Ikat, and Moroccan Trellis. Others are Mediterranean prints with jalis and arches, Mandalay, and Gingham woven and Calico block prints. Find ethnic prints like Malabar prints, and Japanese folklore-inspired prints, among others.

3. Quilted Cushion Covers

A quilted cushion cover is a padded material made with multiple layers. These are perfect for lounging spaces like bedrooms for maximum comfort. You can explore different solid colors in this category as well.

4. Bohemian Accessorizing

Experiment with more delightful, carefree and vibrant accent designs like jute woven details, tassels, pom poms, laces, jute piping, quilted cushions and elaborate fringes for an edgy character.

5. Textures

Not only can you experiment with fabrics like cotton, linen, and jute, but also can experiment with textures like terry embroidery, crochet, patchwork, and embroideries for classy interiors.

6. Solid Colors

For no-brainer home decor options, choose solid colors for interior designs. Combine optimum color options together like blue with green, green with yellow, and lavender with pink, etc. You can also combine solid colors with prints for added oomph.

7. Theme-Based

You can find theme-based designs like underwater themes with prints like steer and anchor, beaches, and coral reefs, among others.

8. Geometric Design

Explore contemporary geometrical shapes, checks, gingham checks, vertical and horizontal stripes in different colors, and polka dots for a joyful look.

Renovate your housing space with a diverse range of home decor furnishings at great prices at The yellow Dwelling.