Curtain Length

We provide curtains in 3 standard sizes:


Our standard window curtain fits a window up to 4.5 ft high. You can also opt for door curtain that touches the floor to make the space look more grand.

Our standard door curtain fits a door up to 6.5 ft high. The standard long door curtain fits a door up to 8 ft high.

Incase you do not find the right size for you door/window in our standard options, you can always opt for  Customised curtains, to get tailor made curtains that fits your space just right.


Curtain Width and Coverage


The complete width of our single curtain panel is 60" wide. When folded into the rod it provides a coverage of 30" width. When added a 100% blackout lining the coverage becomes 25". In case of pleated (header style) curtain, it gives a coverage of 26" width.


*Curtains should always be hung in even numbers to maintain visual symmetry of the space.


How to measure the length of your custom curtains

Rod placement: We recommend fixing the rod about 6"- 8" above the window/ door.

To measure the curtain length: use a measuring tape for best accuracy.

For a door curtain measure the length from the rod to the floor. This will ensure that your curtain will just touch the floor. You can either remove 1" from the final length to ensure space between the curtains and the floor or add 2" to give a nice puddle, based on preferences. We recommend the curtains to just touch the floor.

In case of a window curtain measure the length from the the rod to the window sill and add 6"- 8" below the window sill.

Please note: Incase of an odd number size, round it of to the nearest higher even number (for e.g.. 77" becomes 78").