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Lotus Printed Cotton Napkin - Brick Red
Sale priceFrom Rs. 250.00
Dyed Linen Table Cloth - Powder Blue
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,175.00
Solid Cotton Table Runner - Nile Blue
Sale priceFrom Rs. 635.00
Solid Cotton Table Cloth - Cream
Sale priceFrom Rs. 815.00
Solid Cotton Table Runner - Brick Red
Sale priceFrom Rs. 635.00
Indus Cotton Table Cloth - Amber
Sale priceFrom Rs. 695.00
Solid Cotton Table Cloth - Wine Red
Sale priceFrom Rs. 960.00
Solid Cotton Table Cloth - Mustard
Sale priceFrom Rs. 960.00

Dining Linen- Mark of Sophistication 

When laying down your dining table, one often puts a thought into selecting the accessories for the same. We, as Indians, are obsessed with food. We eat multiple times a day. Moreover, dining in India is a community event where families and friends gather and enjoy their quality time together. Even on a day-to-day basis, dining rooms bring together the family to share the knick-knacks of the day and strengthen their bonds. 

As a part of your home decor, you can style your dining table in multiple ways to gel well with the overall looks and themes of the space. When styling a dining table, you can buy dining linens, tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins, and dining sets. 

Table cloths are cover-alls for the dining table that create a base look for the table. You may choose from different cloth fabrics, prints, and colors to match your vibe. A table runner is a sleeker tablecloth that covers only a part of the table to give a minimal decor look to the dining table. They are also available in different colors and designs. 

After the base look is created with table cloth and table runners, you have to select placemats and napkins to be kept individually for everybody to dine on. They act as an added protection for tablecloths. You can buy them online in materials like jute, woven grass, cotton, etc. Now you can select dining sets according to your taste and liking. Buy all these online at attractive prices and numerous designs. 

Keep reading for more details on dining linen. 

Table Cloth:

Buy table cloth online in prints like Dahlia, calico,  antique prints, French Farmhouse, pleasing florals, solid colors, geometric stripes, and dyed linens. You can also find elaborate designs in table cloth with added tassels to enhance the overall appeal of a simple piece of cloth.

Cotton, polyester, and linen tablecloth fabrics are among the most common types of tablecloth. Polyester tablecloths are commonly used in commercial setups because they are easy to clean and maintain. For house setups, cotton and linen are preferred more. 

Table Runners:

A table runner is a delicate piece of cloth that may be used to replace or complement a tablecloth. Table runners are intended to run over the table, either vertically or horizontally, as you may like. Decorative Table Runners are used to protect the dining table and improve the overall appearance and aesthetic of the dining room. 

You can buy these online by mixing and matching the prints and designs of table runners with table cloth. Pair solids with prints and florals, go for extended tassel danglings, woven vertical table runners, jute-based runners, Indian motif prints, and so on. 

Placemats and Napkins:

Buy placemats and napkins online in woven patterns, cotton prints, embroideries, and solid colors. Amp up the look and feel of your dining table setup by placing these mats in contrast with table cloth or runners. 

Buy these items online and create a set of your dining table aesthetic according to your style and choice and upgrade your home decor.