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Cotton Curtains- Ideal Pick to Elevate House Corners

Cotton Curtains are the most basic element of any house decor. Cotton as a fabric is the most convenient one as it has multiple benefits. It is lightweight, can be easily washed, manually or in a washing machine, is highly versatile when it comes to designing it, is a breathable and moisture absorbing fabric, truly apt for summer. Cotton fabric is highly durable, easy to maintain, and offers an element of sophistication to the decor. 

You can buy cotton curtains online that are made out of 100 % natural cotton. At the Yellow Dwelling, you can either customize the lengths of these curtains according to your house requirements or can simply buy the already stitched length that comes in door and window length. The cotton curtains are capable of blocking at least 50% of sunlight, which is ideal when you want a certain amount of sunlight still coming into the room without compromising your privacy. 

You can buy cotton curtains online in multiple designs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of designs and prints available in cotton curtains that you can buy online as per your home decor and personal taste: 

  1. Geometric Designs and Stripes: These are some simplistic designs yet ultra stylish. They add a touch of modernity to your house with unique prints. They are visually appealing and give a break from the most common nature-themed prints.
  2. International Prints: Prints inspired by Mediterranean design, French farmhouse prints, Moroccan Trellis,  and Japanese folklore-inspired prints, among others, are some of the attractive prints available that you can explore cotton curtains when buying them online.
  3. Ethnic Prints: There is no way ethnic Indian prints will be missed out on when designing a curtain collection. You can buy cotton curtains online in ethnic prints like Ikat, Spice Route, and Malabar prints, among others in amazing colors. 
  4. Theme- Ocean and Life: You can find prints like steer and anchor, beachy print, coral reef-inspired print, and life underwater elements, among others. These make for subtle yet warm curtain designs, ideal when picking cotton curtains.
  5. Theme- Nature : This is the most common theme of prints when you want to buy cotton curtains online. Even then, they make for an understated style statement with diverse options in colors. You can buy cotton curtains online in prints based on flowers like marigolds, subtle designs of meadows in bright yellow, and peculiar Dahlia prints in red, among others.
  6. Diverse Colors: One can also experiment with color schemes and sheer cotton fabric when buying cotton curtains online. These are the following color schemes in which the curtains are available:
  • Monochrome- white, beige, cream, grey
  • Bright Colors - yellow, blue, purple, green, red
  • Paste Colors- lavender, sage green, amber
  • Multicolored

With such versatility in the colors and prints available in cotton curtains, combined with the numerous benefits of cotton fabric, you will be spoilt for choice. When designing cotton curtains, you can keep certain things in mind. For instance, you can combine printed cotton curtains with solid-colored curtains to create contrast. Solid curtains can also be paired with sheer cotton curtains in matching shades with one being darker than the other. Similarly, multiple ways of designing your house with curtains are available that match the overall vibe of your decor. Buy these cotton curtains online at a great price and get started with your house decor journey.