Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022

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Interior Trends for 2022

The year 2022 comes in with a splash of life, comfort, and warmth! As we close one chapter, we turn the page to a fresh, new perspective on the latest trends in the home decor space. 

With the increased need for multifunctional spaces in our homes. Our spaces greatly influence all the roles we play such as the productive corporate employee, the creative artist, the zen individual enjoying coffee and television. Every inch of our space must reflect our needs. Read further where we delve into the trends from the recent past that are going to stay strong in 2022. These are only trends, take them with a pinch of salt and use them only if they work for you, there is no right or wrong in design !

Warm Accents

With the increased time spent at home, warmth, comfort, and coziness are aspects in our interiors we crave for. 

Warmth in a space can be created from a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics. A warmer color palette is on trend! This palette would consist of comforting shades like mustard, terracotta, sage, olive, indigo, teal, rust, and plum. 

No matter what one’s personal aesthetic might be, the trends of 2022 show us that warmer tonalities effortlessly and seamlessly embrace the essence, individuality, and comfort of any home.

Sculptural Pieces

Large sculptural accent pieces like the infamous “Donut Vase” offer visual interest and lend an edgy almost bold streak to your home. To break from the rigid structure, inject organic shapes and forms, we will be seeing curved edge furniture, sculptural pieces like vases and softer silhouettes in the form of architectural elements such as curved archways.


Inspired by Nature

Nature is evergreen. Pardon our pun, but even more so than last year we will see natural elements being incorporated in our homes. This can be done by getting plants or embracing biophilic patterns. There is a world of possibilities in terms of materials and natural fabrics based in linen, bamboo, and wicker. Botanical patterns have been seen to be receiving more traction than geometrical and solid patterns. Textured wallpaper, textured fabrics, cane, rattan are also here to stay.  

Another way to bring the outdoors in would be through balcony gardens, terraces, and patios. With the right plants and furniture, investing in outdoor lighting, you can take a welcomed breath of fresh air.

The Multifaceted Multifunctional Spaces

Our homes today play multiple roles. Our spaces have adapted and become multipurpose, whether that is through our bedrooms turning into our offices or a balcony and terrace turning into entertaining spaces, they will continue to morph into the spaces we need them to be. 

Balancing these complex roles can be done by creating nooks and giving each one character. Consider investing in multifunctional pieces which cater to your every need. Following a consistent theme in the form of colour shall help the space look cohesive in design. 


2022 is by no means devoid of color! 

Pantone Colour of the Year 2022 is Veri Peri. The color is indicative of personal inventiveness and creativity and is a true representation of what everyone is now leaning towards. 

The best way to be vibrant yet not overpowering is to create visual balance. The balance is best achieved with pops of color accessorized with a backdrop of muted tones. This can be best achieved with the right furniture, upholstery, and even curtains. Colors could also be infused through sofas, cushions, rugs, curtains, kitchen cabinets, and even accent walls. 

Glow in Glorious Green

Apart from green spaces, the color green is making a big splash this year. The right shade of green can pack a punch so we recommend incorporating hues such as olive, sage, emerald, and forest to bring a sense of tranquility and rejuvenate any space, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, or home office.


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The Return Of The Vintage Aesthetic

The vintage and antique aesthetic also make an incredible comeback, with vintage and antique prints, furniture, and décor gaining momentum this coming year. Old memorabilia and vintage souvenirs convey a story that takes us to some other place and engulfs us in waves of nostalgia lent by treasured memories. 

Head to our instagram IGTV to catch Abhinayah, Co-founder, The Yellow Dwelling in conversation with Vinithra, Founder, Weespaces Interiors on the interior trends of 2022, trends that are here to stay and how to incorporate them in your homes. Click here to view the IGTV. 


Our rooms reflect who we are and what we believe in. Bring out the warmer tones in life, get closer to nature, add a splash of color and vibrance, and pay homage to your past. These are a few of the many thoughts we’d like to leave you with so that your home becomes your paradise. We hope these ideas give flight to your imagination so that your rooms can reflect who you want to be in 2022!