Elevate Your Personal Spaces with the Trendiest Home Decor

Elevate Your Personal Spaces with the Trendiest Home Decor

At The Yellow Dwelling, dive into a wide range of home decor items in designs and colors of multiple types, suitable for your personal taste. We offer classic and contemporary home decor collections ranging from curtains, cushion covers, bedding, comforters, dining linen, and throws, among others. Choose from items that accentuate spaces while being capable of experimentation with fabrics and colors. Buy readymade or custom-made home decor items online to decorate your home spaces.

Choose from the following collections of home decor to furnish your house with an aesthetic renovation that would garner you compliments from all:


Primrose Yellow Solid, Rustling Leaves In Many Hues, Pale Banana Sheer Set Of 6 Combo Cotton Curtain - Multicolor

Curtains are the most basic furnishings as a part of home decor. They are used to adorn all kinds of home spaces, doors and windows to control the amount of sunlight, and sound and ensure privacy in the house. Buy curtains online in different prints, and fabrics like linen and 100% cotton.  Buy different blinds or shades, and door or window curtains online in a variety of colors, floral prints, combinations of colurs, and textures onlineBuy printed curtains at great prices online. Customize the curtain styles in a way that best compliments your overall home decor.

 Cushion Covers:

Spice Route Printed Cotton Cushion Cover - Multicolor


Cushions make the living room lively with their laid-back and lounging feel. The living room is the main room that the guests experience. It is important to put in serious thought into the decoration of the room. Cushion covers at The Yellow Dwelling are available in a variety of patterns and designs.

 Bedding Linen:

Regal Affair Reversible Quilt - Turquoise

Bedding linen comprises a wide collection of bed sheets, quilt covers, and comforters, among other things. It is imperative that the bedding linen collection is not only comfortable and cozy but also stylish and in sync with your room decor.  Keep the room interiors in mind when picking bedding linen. You can buy from a variety of bedding linens online at great prices. Buy them in combo or separately, as per your requirements. Choose from different colors, patterns, prints, and fabrics in bedding linens.

 Dining Linen:

Dahlia Printed Cotton Table Cloth - Rust

The dining room forms one of the major focal points of house interiors. The dining table is the hotspot where the family and guests come together to celebrate great times. To make dining room interiors look great, you should invest in great dining linen that adds aesthetic value to the house decor. Dining linens come in multiple fabrics, colors, textures, designs, and patterns. Choose as per your style and create personalized looks for your dining room.


Rustling Leaves in Many Hues Reversible Quilt - Multicolor

Quilts are coveralls that should exude comfort and coziness. At the same time, they need to gel well with the overall look and decor of the bedding and room colors to make for great interiors. You can find the quilts in double bed sizes with two pillow covers. At The Yellow Dwelling, the quilts are made of 100% cotton with microfiber polyfill that ensures the best quality.

Explore The Yellow Dwelling collections that also provide services such as customization, assisted shopping, interior designers, store locators, and great customer service. Buy trustworthy home decor online from The Yellow Dwelling.