7 colour choices for your homes in 2022

7 colour choices for your homes in 2022

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

– Wassily Kandinsky, Painter

Colour is one of the most powerful forms of expression. A Colour scheme can make or break a space so choosing the right shade is an important task as it dictates which of the infinite home decor aesthetics fits perfectly reflects our own. To simplify the diverse world of shades, colour is sometimes divided into two categories: warm and cool tones. Warm tones include colours such as red, rust, and yellow. These colours exude warmth, comfort, and cosiness. On the other end of the spectrum are cool tones such as blue, green, and purple lend soothing and tranquillity to the space. 

When choosing a colour palette for your space, there are two approaches that you could take.The first option is to pick two colours that lie on the opposite spectrum of the colour wheel. For instance, one could opt for two bold colour choices, such as blue and yellow, or a mellower combination of blue and white. Be mindful to sprinkle in a few neutrals like white, grey, or beige when working with bold colour schemes.

The second choice is to pick a monochromatic look. This style has quickly picked up momentum in the realm of home décor. Pick a single colour for the entire space, for a stunning look. Variations in shades of the colour are the best way of bringing in depth, complexity, and dimension.

Colours In Style In 2022!

Without a doubt, calm, organic, and nature-inspired, green is one of the most highlighted colours of 2022. Making us feel nourished and comfortable, green brings the vibe of the world outside with all its wilderness into your spaces. Green also works well with other colours like yellow, rust, pinks, and white. Using pops of these colours in items such as cushions, curtains, and vases can brighten up your home this season!

Working on inventing a “new you” this 2022? Well, maybe it’s time to give your space a makeover! Find out the most trending shades this season, that are sure to be a hit!


1.Light Grey

For those who want to depict elegance and class, we recommend shades like ‘Cloud Grey’, ‘Silver Crescent’ or maybe even ‘Coin Grey’.

The colours are crisp and stunning. These tones make spaces seem larger. Paired with the right accessories and décor pieces, preferably in shades of white, grey, or black, the rooms exude depth and sophistication

2. Sage Green

This shade of sage skilfully combines the earthy mood with a subtle, soft appeal. This colour can’t help, but put one at ease. It exudes the feeling of being at peace, balance, and harmony. Benjamin Moore has called the shade “October Mist” as the ‘2022 Colour of the Year’. And, we can’t argue with experts.

This colour is best enhanced with botanical themes and the use of house plants to provide the ultimate tranquil and immersive experience.

3. Pantone’s Very Peri

Pantone unveiled its colour of 2022 as “Very Peri.” This blue-purple hue is a warm, friendly colour. It radiates joy, enhances creativity, and adds a spark of innovation in all those who get the opportunity to be encircled by it. This colour can be very feminine and powerful hence we’d recommend using this colour in your interiors cautiously. This shade can be/ used as upholstery or home accessories to give the space that pop of colour!

4. Earthy Tones

The earthy tones of beige, warm grey, cream, ivory  and  fawn are making a comeback. Opt for natural materials such as linen and cotton to seamlessly blend this colour into your space. This colour palette is timeless, which  fits with any style of decor. These tones could be used on larger surfaces such as wall paint, curtain fabrics, upholstery fabric or large storage pieces. These colours can be used as is or for dimension can be paired with pops of complimenting tones like sage green. 

5. Mustard Yellow

Babouche – the latest pick of the year! It is a happy, zingy and cheerful yellow that gets its name from the distinctive colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. Colour your walls with Babouche and see your home transformed into a warm cocoon of joy and wellness. If you are not yet up to painting your walls Babouche, bring in the magic and warmth with accent pieces like the placemats and napkins on your dining table to full curtains reflecting the warm light from outdoors or simply throw-cushions on your sofas.

6. Dusky Blues

This is an absolute classic! It works best with décor of shades of the same colour to provide depth. A sprinkle of pearl white, yellow and gold are good enhancers.

The colour, blue, symbolise calm and restful notions. Their use invokes the same feeling. A great theme that lends a stress-relieving ambiance to your haven.

7. Terracotta

The earthy tone takes you away from the present to a more pleasing, simpler state of mind that makes everything easier.

The warm tone goes incredibly well with lighter shades of cream, deep shades of brown and sage green. Bring in nature with plants, flowers, wicker, and wood.


We hope this article introduced you to themes and colours that are sure to be all the buzz in 2022. Take a chance and use your intuition to use this as an inspiration and redecorate your space into one that will provide you with all the joy and comfort.